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Company profile

The company EKOTEX Ltd. Ivancice belongs to the leading manufacturers of generated fibre. We facilitate the buy-out of textile waste, its refining and the consequent production of technical textile materials. These textile materials are applicable as geotextile materials, upholsteries, insulating and mordant textile materials, forwarding and eleemosynary covers. Our plant also allows us to provide waterproof materials and thermo-bindings. Our production programme also includes fleeces and fillings for quilted cover blankets and production of ground clothes. Our products are sold on the domestic market as well as exported.

EKOTEX is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Brno, the European Database. We cooperate with the re-known company Dun & Bradstreet Czech Republic.


The history of EKOTEX ancestor who was known as a manufacturer of generated fibre, started in the year 1919. At that time the first reference about manufacturing textile waste was made in a small south Moravian town situated near Brno city, at the junction of three rivers in the regional engineering and textile centre.

The history of the town is almost 800 years old. In this town the well-known painter Alfons Mucha and the famous actor Vladimir Mensik were born. Currently the people, inheriting the rich textile experience and textile manufacturing skills, are born here.

The company gained the name EKOTEX Ltd. during the privatisation in the year 1992. EKOTEX is a company which directly refines regenerated fibre and consequently also produces technical textile materials by non-woven technology with the possibility to be waterproof through wet or dry way. Our work according to EN ISO standards 9001:2009 and EN ISO standards 14001:2005, supported by fairness and services which our people are able to provide, guarantee quality and satisfaction of our customers.

EKOTEX Ltd. would like to continue contributing to our clean environment and helping the trees to grow on our planet.